Reference Review: African-American Genealogy at a Glance

Just the other morning, a young protege was saying that her research seemed unfocused and that she thought she needed to go someplace other than her usual research venues. I talked a few ideas with her. Then, the next day, I received a review copy of Genealogy at a Glance: African American Genealogy Research. My protege’s dilemma was solved (almost)! …Continue reading →


Research Note: The SSDI (Part II)

This article is about the Social Security Death Index, not Social Security Disability Insurance. In our last post we learned a few things about the Social Security Death Index. First we found out that the government doesn’t use the term SSDI; this term is used by nongovernmental concerns to describe the product that they derive from the Social Security Administration’s …Continue reading →


Research Note: A Bit of Info about SSDI

A poster on the APG public mailing list recently asserted that she had come across an error in the date of death listed for a person on the SSDI. She questioned how this could happen when the entry was supposedly verified by a family member.  In response another poster said that as far as she knew, the Social Security Administration …Continue reading →


Book Review: If You Knew Google like She Knows Google . . . .

The Genealogist ‘s Google Toolbox, by Lisa Louise Cooke (2011) If we were all in junior high school, I doubt that anyone would hang the moniker “Geek Girl” on Lisa Louise Cooke.  She just seems so socially well-adjusted.  But there has to be a little bit of  geek  in anybody who could write such a clear and cogent guide to …Continue reading →


Book Review: Online State Resources

Online State Resources for Genealogists by Michael Hait (e-book) (2011). Even novice genealogists know where to find the basic documents needed for research: the census, for example, can be found on several pay services as well as on free sites like HeritageQuest. But everyone also knows that to do a sufficient job of research, one must look high and low …Continue reading →


Resources: California Voter Registrations 1900-1968 has just added California Voter Registrations for the years 1900 to 1968. I tried this out last night. My great-uncle, Carl Edward Manson (1893-1966), was the first family member to migrate to California from Texas before World War II. I found him and his then-wife Mary on the 1940 voter rolls registered at 5820 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Thereafter, …Continue reading →


Sharing the Bounty

Over at Family Matters, Denise Olson is sharing a veritable treasure trove of genealogical on-line resources. The links she’s been posting are part of the collection at the Genealogy Research Resources Group at Diigo, a self-described “social annotation” site. I had not used Diigo until now, but it seems simple and a great way to share your discoveries. I’m sharing …Continue reading →


Research Resource: Uncommon Resources

Randy Seaver has posted about a talk by Ann J. Miller concerning lesser-used research resources. I’ve not heard that talk, but I have had some experience with some of these resources. Here I explain where and how to find some of them. Not all are online and some are not available in microform, either. So finding some of these records …Continue reading →


The Earth Shifts on Its Axis; New Planets Discovered

These things didn’t happen in the physical world, but they seem to have happened in the genealogical universe over the past few days. These things have all been reported elsewhere, but let me summarize: The Earth Shifts on Its Axis FamilySearch announced its “Records Access Program”: to increase public access to massive genealogy collections worldwide. For the first time ever, …Continue reading →


Google Public Records?

From Google’s press office: Google and Four US States Improve Public Access to Government Websites Mountain View, Calif. – April 30, 2007 – Google Inc. today announced partnerships with the states of Arizona, California, Utah and Virginia to make it easier to search for hard-to-find public information on state government websites. These partnerships developed as both Google and officials with …Continue reading →

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