Preparing for A Research Trip

I’ve mentioned that the Summer 2007 Research Trip might be to Northwest Missouri. At the moment, the matter of such a trip is on hold for a variety of reasons; however, I thought it would be a useful exercise. My maternal Gines ancestors moved to Kansas City from Shreveport about a hundred years ago. Some might be found in Kansas. …Continue reading →


Illinois State Archives Databases

I’ve been reminded that I really like the Illinois State Archives Databases on that state’s Secretary of State website. There are a few things that could be better, but overall, this is a useful resource. There are the state’s vital records databases, of course. Unfortunately, unlike neighboring Missouri, the Illinois death index (1916-1950) has no retrievable images. On the other …Continue reading →


Some Resources

Nevada marriage and divorce records are now available on These resources can be useful to those researching in just about any state. That’s because when many states had restrictive laws about marriage and divorce (especially divorce), Nevada traditionally has had rather liberal laws on these matters. Thus, those who could afford to do so would sometimes head for Las …Continue reading →


Kansas–Who Knew?!

Kansas is thought of as that big flat place of sunflowers between Colorado and Missouri–a long, boring drive on I-70 from Denver to Kansas City, Missouri. And of course, the location of Dodge City, a lawless Western town tamed by fictional Marshal Matt Dillion on radio and television’s Gunsmoke. Most folks know or surmise that Kansas is the geographic center …Continue reading →


Missouri Death Certificate Project Marches Forward

Images for the year 1932 are now online!


Research Resource: Immigrant Servants Database

This site is part of the marketing program of a Salt Lake City-based genealogical research firm called Price & Associates. The purpose of the database is to help Americans trace the European origins of their colonial-era ancestors. A significant number of colonists came to America as indentured or bonded servants. For example, we know (from other sources) that a number …Continue reading →


Research Resource: Mardos Memorial Library

Back in November and December, we did a series on “The French Negroes of Illinois.” It was a rather lengthy series compared to what we usually do here and it required more than usual research support. We found some of that research support at a unique site called Mardos Memorial Library of On-Line Books and Maps. This site was created …Continue reading →


A Few Interesting Resources

There are a number of educational gems hidden all around the Internet. Here are several that I like:The Handbook of Texas Online is a joint venture of the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at the University of Texas. It is described as “a multidisciplinary encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture.” The Handbook contains articles on all …Continue reading →


Genealogy Courses from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies

Last night I stumbled across a site called the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. This is a program offered through the University of Toronto, which is said to be Canada’s largest University and seems to have a decent reputation as a research institution. The Institute confers certificates in genealogical studies. These certificates can be country specific or general. The courses …Continue reading →

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