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A Family Bible Discovered

I was being lazy one evening and I decided to run some surnames in the Family History Library catalog.  Nothing verfy exciting happened until I tried “Mischeaux.”  This is what I got.   This is the data for the family bible for the very family I’m researching!  The film notes say: “Microfilm of manuscript collection (4 p.) donated by Buell Dwight …Continue reading →

Elias Bowie (1910-2005)

Elias Bowie (Jr.) was my father’s uncle. He was the the brother of my grandmother, Jessie Beatrice Bowie (1909-1973). Their mother was Hattie Bryant (1888-1944). Hattie had been born on the Texas Gulf Coast. After a marriage at age 15 and another relationship, she headed for San Antonio with her infant son Herman Walker (1906-2002). In San Antonio, Hattie found …Continue reading →

San Francisco Mortuary Records to be Indexed

I’ve written a lot about FamilySearch Indexing. And another reason I’ve felt a little behind with GeneaBlogie as well as reading the blogs I usually read is that I’ve done a lot of indexing! But I was particularly excited by the announcement the other day that San Francisco’s mortuary records will be indexed in a venture involving the California Genealogical …Continue reading →

Carnival: The First Black NASCAR Driver

I was thinking of sitting out this Carnival because I couldn’t come up with anything appropriately funny or foolish about my family. That’s not say there isn’t any funny or foolish about my family . . . just nothing I thought would be interesting or publishable. But Jasia’s story about her mother learning to drive reminded me of a couple …Continue reading →

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