Where Were They in 1808?

Awhile ago, the challenge issued by Lisa was to describe where one’s ancestors were in 1908. I blogged about that here. Now the topic is where one’s ancestors were in 1808. Many bloggers have written about this already; I’m just getting caught up. 1808 was a signal year for some of my families. That was the year that Congress banned …Continue reading →


Where Was Your Family in 1908?

Lisa, who has the energy to write several interesting blogs, posed the question, “Where was your family in 1908?” on, appropriately enough, her 100 Years in America blog. A century ago, neither of my paternal grandparents had been born yet, although one, my grandmother Jessie Beatrice Bowie, was just a year away. Her parents, my great-grandparents, Hattie Bryant and Elias …Continue reading →


My Families’ Weddings

She’s there every morning, watching me, this pretty teenager. Her eyes dipped slightly, confident yet demure; slender and shy. She grips a rosary in her hands. A long veil falls down her back to the floor where it merges with the pool that is the train of her dress. She watches me, this teenager from across the room, from across …Continue reading →


HARP is Off to a Great Start!

HARP, the Historical Appellate Review Project, has had a great launch. We are already pursuing several cases and have had inquiries about several more. These may take months to resolve, but we’ll tell the stories here! A HARP Case One of the HARP cases I’m pursuing for my own family is that of my great-grandmother, Bettie Sanford Manson. She was …Continue reading →



Yesterday, we reported here the death of Brooke Astor, the former Roberta Brooke Russell, at age 105. I noticed also yesterday that the world’s oldest person, 114 year-old Yone Minagawa, had died in Japan. According to the Census Bureau, in the year 2000, the United States had 50,454 persons over the age of 100, out of a total population of …Continue reading →


Product Review: Find-A-Grave

The geneablogosphere has been buzzing lately with news of exciting partnerships, new databases, and innovative technologies–all of which I’m very enthused about. This morning, however, I was reminded that some of the existing, older research products out there remain highly valuable and worth revisiting from time to time. I had not visited Find-A-Grave in quite awhile, but I ended up …Continue reading →


School Days in Milam County, Texas

School days, school days,Dear old golden rule days.‘Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic,Taught to the tune of a hick’ry stick. I wish I had some stories of my ancestors in school. Unfortunately, I have no stories, except the now-debunked story that my grandfather was teased (today, we would say harassed) in school in Georgia because he was the only “Spanish” boy …Continue reading →


The Will of Reuben Henry Sanford

The first item in the file of the probate of the estate of Reuben Henry Sanford is the order of the court dated August 2, 1910. The court admitted to probate the will written by Henry on October 8, 1906. Martha Sanford, Henry’s second wife, was appointed executrix. Three other individuals were appointed by the court “to make an inventory …Continue reading →

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