Shades of the Departed

Shades of the Departed Magazine Earns Kudos

Tamura Jones has given the Best Looking Magazine award to Shades of the Departed Magazine!  It’s part of his 2009 GeneaBlog Awards over at Modern Software Experience. He says the November debut issue “looks better than any other genealogy related magazine I’ve seen.” I’m privilieged to be part of  footnoteMaven’s band of merry contributors at Shades the Magazine–and even so, …Continue reading →


Shades Web Magazine Debuts Today

For sometime now, footnoteMaven has been tantalizing her readers at Shades of the Departed with intrigue of “something” about to happen.  This morning, it happened.   Shades of the Departed magazine took its bow on the blogsphere stage.   It is a magnificent achievement and display all of fM’s creativity and tenacity.  It’s her greatest gift to the community ever. I’m pleased …Continue reading →


A Shades Weekend

If you missed the weekend columns over at Shades of the Departed, you missed some great stuff! On Saturday, Donna Pointkouski struggled with the issue of not finding any photographs of her great-grandparents and flirted with some ideas about how she might get some–all, of course in Donna’s trademark style, helping us see The Humor of It. My column on …Continue reading →


Happy Blogoversary, footnoteMaven!

It’s hard to believe that’s only been two years since the public debut of footnoteMaven, the proprietress of her pseudonymously eponymous blog as well as of Shades of the Departed.  In that short time, her publications have set the bar higher and higher for content and she has become by acclamation one of the respected leaders of the Geneablogosphere.  She …Continue reading →


Smile for the Carnivals!

I’ve been remiss in not calling attention earlier in the week to two Carnivals I really enjoyed!  The 66th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is posted here at Creative Gene.  It’s the second annual IGene Awards where genea-bloggers showcase their best work of the prior year.    You’ll find some great stuff  there! And footnoteMaven hosted the 10th Edition of …Continue reading →


Coming This Sunday: Appealing Subjects

This Sunday at Shades of the Departed, a new weekend column called Appealing Subjects debuts.  And it’s written by me! I’m honored to be one of the four Weekend with Shades columnists.  The others are Terry Thornton, George Geder, and Jasia. In Appealing Subjects, we’ll explore the strange and wonderful relationship between photography and law. We’ll consider issues such as …Continue reading →

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