Halloween Census Whacking

With the crisis of my father’s recent illness and the minor drama of my own, I feel like I’ve been way out of touch the last two weeks.  It’s time get back into the flow of things.   I thought  little census whacking for Halloween would ease my way back into writing.  So I went hunting for Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, …Continue reading →


Breaking Down A Brick Wall–The Problem with Surnames, Part II

Fifth in a multi-part series I  had hypothesized that my Gines people were associated with English-speaking people named Gines who came from the West Midlands area.  They came to Virginia and North Carolina and from there moved on to South Carolina and other states of the Deep South, eventually winding up in Louisiana and Texas.   That hypothesis was based on …Continue reading →


Surname Distribution Analyzed

Before we analyze the data to comprehend its meaning, let’s do a bit more research to see if we can validate the existing data. Let’s check in with the United States Census Bureau which has analyzed names by frequency of occurrence from the 1990 census. When we search for Gines and then Guynes, the following values are produced: GINES             0.001   …Continue reading →


My Unusual Surnames: Brayboy

Syntrilla Brayboy married Lewis LeJay in De Soto Parish, Louisiana, in about 1870. Their daughter, Sylvia LeJay, married Richard William Gines in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, in about 1883. The Brayboy, LeJay, and Gines families came to Louisiana from South Carolina. These are the most unusual surnames in my family tree and they have proven to be the most elusive ancestors …Continue reading →


The Surname Gines

Gines is a name with Welsh, English, German, and Spanish origins, depending on the particular family. The name developed in different ways, at different times, in different parts of the world. It is related linguistically to many other names. For example, the Welsh-English variant may be derived from the English Johns. Some scholars believe that the Welsh names Joynes and …Continue reading →


Other Surnames: Klohe

In addition to my own family names, listed above, I also do research on families of certain people close to me, a fact which I have not heretofore mentioned in this space. KloheThe line of this family which I am following is descended from Martin Klohe, born on 19 July 1843, in Gommersdorf, Mosbach, Baden. According to one source, his …Continue reading →

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