A Love Story

After we had finished our primary business, the cute voice on the telephone asked if I would like to meet a friend of hers.  No, said I, I already have a primary relationship and two exes. But, she said, you’ll really like my friend.  And she began to describe her.  Alright, I said, I hate blind dates, but I’ll be …Continue reading →


CGS February Meeting A History Maker

The African-American History Month presentation of the California Genealogical Society and Library has just concluded minutes ago.  The meeting itself was a history maker. A morning session consisted of a panel of eminent experts from the African-American Genealogical Society of Northern California.  These top researchers were Electra Price, Juliet Crutchfield and Jackie Stewart. Then, in the afternoon, I was set …Continue reading →


MyHeritage Adds Maps in Family Tree Builder 4.0 announced Thursday in London and Tel Aviv the release of Family Tree Builder 4.0.  The key improvements of the new version include a map module, a family toolbar with Family Chat™ and extensive support for albums to organize a family’s photos, videos and documents, the company said in a press release. Gilad Japhet, CEO and Founder of, was …Continue reading →


Tech Stuff: Fascinating and Well-Explained and Important

If you’re interested in making good use of technology in your research, then you should be reading Denise Olson’s Family Matters.  This summer, Denise has had “hit after hit” as they used to say in my Top 40 radio days.   She’s not just a reviewer, but an active user of the stuff she writes about.  Her posts are well-explained and …Continue reading →


SCGS Jamboree: Why Live Blogging Didn’t Work for Me

And the Implications of That!I had said that I would “liveblog” the Jamboree. As it sadly happened, I could not, but others did. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons, each with certain implications and lessons. FIRST: I had assumed without checking that the Marriott’s Convention Center would have wireless Internet access for all participants. Apparently, there was a …Continue reading →


Carnival’s In Town! With Tech Stuff!

The 43rd Carnival of Technology, um, I mean Genealogy (and that was a real synapse-lapse!) is here at Jasia’s place, Creative Gene. And the topic is technology! Check it out. Call for Submissions! In keeping with the month of March being National Women’s History Month, and March 8th being International Women’s Day, the topic for the next edition of the …Continue reading →



What technology is indispensable to me as a genealogist and family historian? Well, don’t expect any big surprises here–my indispensable choices are rather pedestrian. Hardware: My 2GB thumb drive is invaluable. It makes my data portable and it’s a decent backup. Software: Okay, I know I’ll seem like a caveman, but for me it’s got to be PAF 5.2. I’ve …Continue reading →

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