“He is not here . . . He has risen!” Mark 16:6 As He rose from a tomb of stone, He allows us to rise from our hearts of stone.


Blog Schedule

I’m traveling to a conferencce through Wednesday p.m., so our next Paul Harvey story will appear on Friday. Since I am traveling, I’ll also be researching for my other blog, The Watchdog’s Travelog, advice and tips especially for the disabled traveller.


MyHeritage Announces “Significant” Search Engine Upgrade

The following news release was received from MyHeritage.com.   For more information please contact: Daniel Horowitz Genealogy and Translation Manager Office: +972-3-9702614 Email: Daniel@MyHeritage.com SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS AND EXPANSION FOR MYHERITAGE GENEALOGY SEARCH ENGINE The updated “MyHeritage Research” now queries around 12 billion names in 1,526 genealogy databases from across the internet Tel Aviv, Israel – February 19, 2009 – Our …Continue reading →


Follow-up: Some Hard Genealogy

After I described my search for information to take me past great-grandfather Richard William Gines, I got very interesting comments and came to several conclusions on my own. Randy Seaver asked if “Gines” is pronounced with a hard G or J sound.  Interesting question! I n my family, it was always pronounced with a hard G.  There are some sources, …Continue reading →


In Memoriam: Lee Chester Manson, 1928-2007

Another Tale of Regret Yesterday was the second anniversary of the death of Lee Chester Manson, my grand-uncle, who lived in Midland, Texas. He was the son of Silas Leroy Manson (1897-1974) and Estelle Thomas (1906-1980).  He was the grandson of Otis Manson (1874-1950) and Bettie Sanford (1872-1955). Two years ago, the Midland Reporter-Telegram ran the following obituary: Lee Chester …Continue reading →


New Year’s Eve

[UPDATED 1/1/2009, 4:00 PM, PST: Added missing links; minor corrections] Settle an argument, willya? Is today New Year’s Eve 2008 or is it New Year’s Eve 2009? Well, on the one hand, it is December 31, 2008, but it’s the eve of the new year 2009. (Did that help?) Whichever it is, we need to get cracking with the last …Continue reading →


Christmas Eve 1968

[Called one of the most significant photographs in history, “Earthrise” was taken by astronaut Lt. Col. William Anders, USAF, while orbiting the moon with Col. Frank Borman, USAF, and Capt. Jim Lovell, USN, aboard Apollo 8, on 24 December 1968.]


Christmas Season in and around Prairie du Rocher

Thanks to the nice folks at the Randolph County Historical Society, particularly secretary and museum curator Emily Lyon, I can tell you that this Sunday, December 7, the Prairie du Rocher Chamber of Commerce will put on La Fete de Noel, a festival of shopping, home tours, music and more.  The annual Christmas Tree Lighting will be held at about …Continue reading →


Thanksgiving 2008

Come ye thankful People, come: Raise the song of Harvest home


My Father Was Born 70 Years . . .

. . . after the Emancipation Proclamation.   And now, 76 years after his birth, he’s seen the impossible.

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