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How Grandpa Zeke Collected a Bounty on Himself

My great-great-grandfather Ezekiel Johnson collected a bounty for turning himself into the federal government in 1864. Actually, so did a lot of other folks earn such bounties. Zeke Johnson was held as a slave in Clay County, Missouri, fro the day he was born in 1847 until one day in May, 1864, when he was 17 years old.  That day …Continue reading →

Access to Rare Photos Wanted: 18th, 62nd & 65th U.S. Colored Troops

Among the stories I’m seeking to tell is that of Zeke Johnson (1847-1933), my great-great-grandfather. Grandpa Zeke “left” his master, one Wilhite, in Clay County, Missouri, in 1864 and enlisted in the 18th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry. He served until 1866. I’m looking for access of any sort (loan, copy, purchase, or view) of the 18th Regiment. I don’t know …Continue reading →

Today is "Zeke Johnson" Day

A week from this Thursday, which would be June 14, 2007, is the 160th anniversary of the birth of my great-great-grandfather, Ezekiel Johnson. I’ve written about him before (here, here, and here). For awhile, he was one of my very difficult brickwalls. And then one day, a sudden breakthrough gave me some special insight into his origins and at the …Continue reading →

Carnival Carousel: Art, Science, and Serendipity

This comes from the GeneaBlogie archives. It’s an edited version of three posts that ran over the Fourth of July Weekend, 2005. It’s a bit lengthy, but I’ve put it on the Carousel because I wanted to share one of my favorite stories. [My parents are recovering from jet lag on their Independence Weekend trip to visit me in Tysons …Continue reading →

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