Veterans Day

Some Reflections on Veterans’ Day

Why is Veterans’ Day so important to Americans?  Some think the answer is because we have an inherently militaristic society, ready to celebrate war at the drop at a hat.  Or because the military-industrial complex benefits from the political fires that can be stoked by the emotional appeal of the day. But none of that is true.  In fact, it …Continue reading →

Veterans Day 2008

Our Veterans Day post, on this 90th anniversary of the end of World War I, is called “The Pyrrhic Monument at Meuse-Argonne.” You can find it at The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit.

Veterans Day

In Appreciation: Veterans Day 2007 In 1954, Congress and President Eisenhower re-designated Armistice Day as Veterans Day to honor all veterans, living and dead. My uncle, Richard Edward Gines, served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Forces at the end of World War II. Following his discharge, he continued his education at New York University. He then was …Continue reading →

Armistice Day: All Quiet on the Western Front

At eleven a.m. on November 11, 1918, a cease-fire went into effect in France between the Allied Powers and Germany, effectively ending “The War to End All Wars.” This day was thereafter known as Armistice Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in the British Commonwealth. For many years, a moment of silence was observed or bells tolled at …Continue reading →

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