Carnival Carousel: Harvesting & Sharing the Bounty

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been blessed with a bounteous trove of genealogical riches, nearly more than one person can handle. We’ve been slowly and carefully going through boxes of documents and photographs (and at the rate we’re going, we’re likely to spend the next 15 years at this! For this Carnival, I thought I would give you …Continue reading →

A Great Weekend

I’m just now back from a great weekend at Lake Tahoe, where I performed the civil wedding ceremony of two great young people, Christopher and Melissa, both in their early thirties. The ceremony was outdoors on the very shore of the Lake, with the Sierra as the backdrop. About thirty minutes before the ceremony, a nervous Melissa fretted that the …Continue reading →

Happy 55th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

My parents celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary this weekend. Here’s a recent photo of them, but for a glimpse at their wedding in Houston, Texas, in 1953, see the Carnival post on weddings here. [Updated 7/18/08, 10:15 PDT to add photo. Blogger was having an upload problem earlier. Previous post deleted]

Happy Anniversary to The World’s Smartest Sister and Husband!

The World’s Smartest Sister and her husband mark five years of marriage this weekend. By the time they catch up with our parents (see post above), they’ll be over 100 years old!

Hookin’ Up

I have in my computer a number of databases, some for my family, some for families of friends, some for families of folks who’ve asked me to research a particular issue. This weekend, I get to participate in linking two of the databases together as I officiate at the wedding of two thirtysomethings at Lake Tahoe. (As a former California …Continue reading →

My Families’ Weddings

She’s there every morning, watching me, this pretty teenager. Her eyes dipped slightly, confident yet demure; slender and shy. She grips a rosary in her hands. A long veil falls down her back to the floor where it merges with the pool that is the train of her dress. She watches me, this teenager from across the room, from across …Continue reading →

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