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BREAKING NEWS: Entire Census Going on

At this hour, is releasing details of its venture with the National Archives to digitize and make a searchable database of the entire set of available U.S. census population schedules from 1780 to 1930. presently has the complete 1860 census and about 97% of the 1930 census available on its site.  In a press release from its Lindon, …Continue reading →


Cyber-Stampede: Makes Spectacular Debut

It looked a bit like the land rush when Oklahoma was opened to settlers as new social network made its appearance earlier today.  The FamilyLink property had a “soft” opening–no flashy press conferences or celebratory speeches marked the launch.   A simple unembargoed notice to several influential bloggers seemed to be all that was necessary to set the ‘Net on …Continue reading →


Great Service from Seattle!

All I can say is WOW! A few days ago, actually on June 4, 2008, at about 10 p.m., to be precise about it, I ordered a death certificate from the Washington State Department of Health in Seattle. It was the death certificate of one Velma B. Dervin, who died in Seattle in 1993. I wanted to confirm that this …Continue reading →


Ancestry Apologizes; WVR Shows the Way (Maybe) has now permanently pulled its “Internet Biographical Collection.” This statement was released yesterday. Additionally, Ancestry has apologized to Janice Brown for what they call“the inadvertant [sic] use of your blog.” I’ve previously said that Ancestry needs to take a consultative approach with the genealogical community when it wants use the efforts of this community. The statement yesterday seems to …Continue reading →


The Earth Shifts on Its Axis; New Planets Discovered

These things didn’t happen in the physical world, but they seem to have happened in the genealogical universe over the past few days. These things have all been reported elsewhere, but let me summarize: The Earth Shifts on Its Axis FamilySearch announced its “Records Access Program”: to increase public access to massive genealogy collections worldwide. For the first time ever, …Continue reading →


Product Review: World Vital Records Reconsidered

Sometime ago, I came across World Vital Records, a new site started by Internet guru and rich guy Paul Allen. He ‘s the fellow was behind the initial launch of which has now become The Generations Network and includes, Rootsweb, and World Vital Records, in Allen’s words, was striving to become the “number two” company in the …Continue reading →

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